Let’s Get It Kickstarted: Teddy Terror

Teddy Terror (demo)
Nightmares, however terrifying, aren't real, and as soon as you wake up, they're gone. Heck, they're even the sole reason most slumbers are interrupted! But unfortunately for the protagonist of Teddy Terror, that won't be the case, as this guy has the misfortune of being unable to wake up. Until he's fought off the demons at least, and you better believe his teddy bear will play a large role in accomplishing just that.
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The 2015 Nordic Game Awards Finalists at a Glance, Indie Edition

Nordic Game 2015
In less than a month, developers from Nordic countries will be celebrated in Malmö, Sweden, at the Nordic Game Awards. Lots of games, lots of categories, lots of fun! Nominations for the New Nordic Indie Sensation 2015 will be playable during Nordic Indie Night after all, so… fun! The other categories, from Best Children's Game to Best Handheld Game, are purely there for the awards show. Bet ya that'll be great too, though.
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Petrichor: Traversing the Pouring Rain Might Lead to Exciting Discoveries

The rain was pouring down, but fortunately I had managed to find shelter... however temporary. See, some odd words on the wall almost literally told me to press on. To leave my sanctuary behind. I decided to do just that, under the safety of my umbrella of course, and lo and behold, not long after did I discover a note lying in the mud. A note which made me remember, but also piqued my curiosity as to what lied ahead, ice-cold rain be damned.
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Unhack:Destruction Review: the Bittersweet Unhack Prequel

Before Unhack, there was Unhack:Destruction. No Weedy, no Unhacker. Instead, you'll be dealing with the team of A², her overprotective sister, Proto A, and Mrs. Director, their faceless superior. One thing that hasn't changed during this trip into the distant past is the 5K Worm threat, as it is very much an issue here too. One you'll have to deal with in the usual puzzle x visual novel style, by… unhacking!
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Lucky Number Seventeen For This Batch of Greenlight Escapees

Not gonna lie, I wasn't really planning on publishing another one of these already. But when I glanced at my list the other day and saw no less than seventeen escapees, figured, why not? Even more so, since Valve stopped posting announcements themselves for some reason, leaving most users completely obvlivious until a game pops up on the store. And even then, they don't always say "made it through Greenlight, thanks guys!" for some reason. They really should, ya know? It's kinda like a badge of honor. Kinda.
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Wildfire (Kickstarter): Sneak Through Tall Grass or Set It Ablaze to Make Enemies Panic

Wildfire (alpha)
Playing with fire is bad, but you knew that already, right? Unless… you're playing with fire in Wildfire, because here you get to do all kinds of crazy (and fun) stuff with it! Block enemies' line of sight, cause them to panic, burn bridges, and more. Or simply sneak by them, using that ridiculously tall grass to your stealthy advantage. But where's the fun in that?
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Speculating Screenshots (11th April 2015)

Speculating Screenshots
For most, weekends means two days off work with some much-needed R&R. But for game developers, it's also a time during which they get to show off what they've been working on. I am of course referring to Screenshot Saturday, which involves tweeting screenshots with the #ScreenshotSaturday hashtag. Screenshots which I will be critiquing some of every single Tuesday, in Speculating Screenshots.
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Teddy Terror (Demo): Fight Your Nightmares With the Environment and a Teddy Bear

Teddy Terror (demo)
No one likes nightmares, and the protagonist of Teddy Terror is no exception. To make matters even worse, the poor kid is actually plagued by physical manifestations of his [nightmares]! Ick. Armed with only his trusty teddy bear and whatever traps each level holds, he decides to fight back. To prove to himself - and his demons - that the only thing to fear… is fear itself.
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Manuel: Match Manuals With Colors On the Nose to Avoid Faceplanting

Manual across pink surfaces, nose manual across green, jump over obstacles and across gaps. If only skateboarding in real life was as simple as in Manuel, eh? Three buttons, that's all you'll need to be a bad-ass skateboarder. Actually, three buttons and a lot of skill, as the difficulty quickly reaches crazy heights. Oh and you only get one shot, one… opportunity.
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Of Carrots And Blood: Rack Up Points by Flinging Carrots at the Mutated Horde

Of Carrots And Blood
As proven by science, bunnies love carrots, and in this game… mutants do too. So much that they're not going to stop until they've consumed that giant delicious looking carrot you've been tasked with defending, in Of Carrots And Blood. I mean, it has eyes and all, so surely you're not planning on eating it, right? RIGHT? Vegetables have feelings too. Or something.
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Path of Exile: The Awakening Set to Further Both Story and Gameplay

Path of Exile: The Awakening
The amount of content Grinding Gear Games have added to their popular action-RPG, Path of Exile, following its 2013 launch is nothing short of staggering (like, say, Sacrifice of the Vaal and Forsaken Masters). Surprisingly, they're not even remotely done either, for just the other day, The Awakening (aka. Act IV) was announced, and this one... will be a genuine game changer!
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Let’s Cook Jam Caters to the Deliciousness of Video Games

Let's Cook Jam
Show of hands, who can name more than one or two food related video games? For me, only Cook, Serve, Delicious! comes to mind, really. Rather odd, considering the amount of titles I've encountered and/or covered over the years. As such, figured I'd good Let's Cook Jam some attention and hopefully get people involved. The world could certainly do with more delicious food (and food games).
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